Grand Royal Panghegar Hotel Bandung


Imagine a snug bungalow in 1920’s art deco design right off Jalan Braga! The Meister family from the Italian Swiss district in Switzerland imagined it as their guest house. Named Pension van Hengel, it was a popular place to stay when the train connection from Jakarta brought people in a 2 1/2 hour scenic trip from the stifling capital to the cool highlands in Bandung.

Mr HEK Ruhiyat, became Mrs. Meister’s right-hand man right out of high school and when the Meister family left in the 1950s to return to Europe, sold the hotel to Ruchiyat, who was now a family man with 7 children. During the Japanese occupation of the city, the hotel was called Pen-hageru, the Japanese attempt to pronounce van Hengel, and after he became the owner,the proud Sumedang-born Sundanese man re-named the hotel Panghegar, which in Sundanese refers to the cool, fresh mountain climate.

An aggressive period of bank loans and repayments followed Ruchiyat’s desire to continuously build and re-build his property on Jalan Merdeka to create the best hotel in Bandung, and so by the turn of the millennia, it was the most popular hotel in the city, and featured the first rooftop revolving restaurant in Indonesia!

In 2009, the art deco revival Grand Royal Panghegar was opened, heralding a new persona in Bandung with the largest most luxurious ballroom and complete visitor facilities that the city has ever known.

Being operated now by the Third Generation of Ruchiyats is a pride for the family and for the people in Bandung. Sundanese cultural traditions are honored through the welcoming degung music and Wayang Golek collection in the lobby. Sundanese food and drinks are highlighted in menus that include the full range of western, Indonesian and Chinese dishes.

A proud family history welcomes you to the Grand Royal Panghegar, where you feel the Sundanese Touch.


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